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Why is Chanyeol your Bias? And if he is why do you talk about Lay so much.

Why is Chanyeol my Bias… well he is not just my bias… He is my Ultimate Bias. Which means he means the most to me. But let me answer your first question.

Why is Chanyeol my Bias…

He is a very happy person. Like I am, on a normal basis. He likes to bite people…like I do.He likes Ferrets. I like Ferrets. He has a deep sexy voice. Which makes my body tingle. He has a infectious smile. A crazy laugh that is just as contagious. He is Tall. And I need a Tall guy because I am 5’6 or 167cm tall. The way he raps is so perfect I just can’t some times. Like in Overdose. I was not ready for that.

And this:

He can go from derpy



to adorable



to sexy



He is the whole package.

This is why I love Chanyeol and why he is my ultimate bias.

Now the next question.

And if Chanyeol is my bias why do I talk about Lay so much?

Well My lovely Anon… Yixing is ruining my life and Bias list. Ever since EXO showtime… he has moved rapidly up my list. He is right under Channie.

Why you must ask.

Because Yixing is so sweet.



super dorky



Then he Is super sexy.



Again this boy is another whole package.

So there you have it. This is the reason why I love both of these men almost equally.

I hope this answers your questions my lovely ANON.


Happy Birthday Luhan! ❤
 hey guys! this is my first ever follow forever (more likely my favourite blog list) and I've been here for at least two years. I have tried to find time doing this and I failed, but I finally have found the moment ^~^

Unlike a blog who creates stunning graphics or does a circle lens review for example, I'm just some chick on tumblr who literally blogs things from kpop to kfashion to videogames to other things. I write fanfic, but I'm not that great at writing since English isn't really my strongest suit ._. 

but anyway otl

I have followed many wonderful blogs with beautiful posts and I love all of them bUT there are those blogs that stood out to me a bit more. Everyone probably knows how I feel (about having blogs that stood out to you) but don't worry about it if I do follow you and you are not on here! I still love you~ ^^ 

From senpai, please notice me blogs to we understand each other a lot blogs, I just wanna say thank you so much for being such a 대박 blog to me and your followers! Keep doing a great job satisfying your followers with lovely posts/graphics/edits/reviews— everything! 

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ihaveathingforexo- all of you four admins are the best! keep up the har-dwork on running the blog!
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last but not least: noctaes + ughansol = you guys really helped me while I was a rookie in the Tumblr world. That's why you two are so special ^^ I still hope we can be really good friends! ^^ I love you~!


TO MY FOLLOWERS: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR STAYING WITH ME, even though I reblog a bit off from what I usually blog ;u; You guys are wonderful ^u^ I love you guys~ 

No words can express how I feel about you guys and I will thank you, from the bottom from my heart.

— Alyssa, the bikkurikun chick ^^ 
When I saw this all I could think about was our Galaxy Kris.

When I saw this all I could think about was our Galaxy Kris.


9 Photos of Lay/Yixing  | Asked by: yixingology

I can’t be the only one who enjoyed that tummy flash.


I can’t be the only one who enjoyed that tummy flash.

happy 24th birthday  L U H A N  ♡ #HappyLuhanDay

because byun baekhyun is still a child and he needs his chanyeol to spoil take care of him